What better than to show the world your sustainable business, actions and events through photo, film, design and music!

Ekobie gathered a team of amazing professionals. We handle production and post- production with this incredible team of professionals.

Ellen Ongena: Production Director

Mattias De Graeve: Production Assistant

Marijke Verschuren: Project Assistant

Karen Ongena: Project Assistent

Timmy Goris: Project Assistent

Kim De Graeve: Project Assistent

Cia Jansen: Photographer & Graphic Design

Paradocs Productions: Film, Aerial Footage & Editing

Norman Baert: Film

Pretty Fly: Film, Aerial Footage & Editing

2SkinFilms: Film & Editing

Luchtfilmproducties: Aerial Footage

Younes Idrissi: Reporter


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